About Us

 Rasapparel is a slow clothes lifestyle brand created by Shevani
Rasapparel clothing was created in 2016 on the beautiful, West coast of Canada. While studying Anthropology, Shevani’s first encounter with design and sewing was with a woman from Tk‘emlúpsemc, ‘the people of the confluence’, and are members of the Interior-Salish Secwepemc.
Fortuitously, Ras Apparel participated in FASHION SPEAKS; a Social and Community involved Fashion Show to raise awareness for Indigenous Women in Canada. As a woman of colour herself, elevating women and strengthening community were especially important. Today Ras Apparel is a blossoming natural fibre apparel brand. 
The textile industry has always been one of the darkest corners of world history,  let's change that.
With appreciation for harmony, 
Our homemade clothes are based in British Columbia by a tight knit crew, and are shipped throughout the world. 
Made to order, each piece is meant to be worn while stretching, crafting, preparing food or whatever you heart desires


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You are welcomed to Ras Apparel, Inspired by ocean, play and colour in Vancouver. Eco-friendly clothing made from natural fibers. All items are handmade to order. Generally allow 15 to 30 days from the date of order to delivery. We offer pieces created with love using only ultra soft, high quality materials, certified organic cotton, bamboo and hemp! By Shopping with us, you choose an alternative to mass produced generic clothing. You also empower & support a group, all the women behind your clothing. Women & myself in making slow, honest, sustainable fashion. Our item ship from our artisanal studio located in Vancouver.
All orders are processed with tracking numbers. You will receive an email with the tracking number when your order is dispatched to the carrier's sort facility.
We would love to hear your feedback, questions, or any concerns.

If you still have questions please convo us here

Shevani and the Ras Apparel Team